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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

Q: What is accreditation?
A: Accreditation refers to the process of independent external assessment to determine if a program of study (usually a course or degree) and the education provider offering the program, meet The Online Learning Schools Accreditation (OLLS) Accreditation Standards. Programs which do not achieve accreditation are not eligible for Approval. Education providers and the programs of study must meet high standards to successfully achieve Accreditation and Approval.

Q: How does a program of study become Accredited?
A: A higher education provider must lodge an application for accreditation with in the year before it wishes the program of study (eg a course) to be assessed by against the Accreditation Standards, and Approved. After receiving and making an initial assessment of the application, OLLS sends a team of assessors to the education provider to conduct a comprehensive review of the provider and the programs of study for which it seeks accreditation.

Q: Why has OLLS sent a site visit team to my education provider when my program of study is already accredited?
A: There are a number of reasons why an assessment team may be conducting a site visit at your education provider. The first is that your education provider is approaching the end of its current five year accreditation cycle and is therefore due for a full re-assessment. A second reason is that your education provider may have made significant changes to its accredited programs or to other aspects of its structure or functioning which require examination by to ensure that Standards are still being met. A third reason could be that your education provider has been randomly selected by for an audit. Finally, may be in possession of credible information that Standards are not being met by the education provider and as a result has commenced an audit of your provider and the relevant programs of study to check that Standards are being upheld.

Q: How do I get my qualifications accredited by OLLS?
A: OLLS does not accredit the qualifications of individuals nor does it accept individual student applications. OLLS Accredits whole programs of study (usually courses) upon receipt of an application from the education provider(s) who offer them.

Q: How do I get my overseas qualifications accredited by OLLS?
A: OLLS does not conduct accreditation of any individual’s overseas qualifications.

Q: Why haven’t I heard anything about my application for assessment of my overseas qualifications?
A: These Assessments are not conducted by OLLS.

Q: Why doesn't my education provider appear on the website?
A: We have an obligation to protect our members privacy and data protection therefore we ask persons enquiring about individual members to contact us using our Request Info Form.