Online Learning Schools Accreditation - OLLS

OLLS - Maintaining Standards For All.

Online Learning Schools Accreditation (OLLS) is an independent not-for-profit quality and standards organisation, appointed as an external accreditation entity.

OLLS’s mission:

OLLS’s mission is to protect the public by conducting accreditation activities that ensure graduates of accredited programs receive a high quality education and are well equipped to employ their knowledge and skills.

OLLS’s activities include:

  • Developing standards for the education and training.
  • Assessing higher education providers and the programs of study they offer to determine whether they meet the approved accreditation standards.
  • Monitoring accredited education providers and their Programs of Study to ensure they continue to meet the Approved Accreditation Standards
  • Supporting higher education providers in developing and maintaining high quality programs of education and training.
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Accredited Diplomas:

Giving confidence where it is needed, means having an accredited qualification.